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Its been about two weeks since I have updated this journal, sure enough something had to have happened...I just can't seem to recall many of the events that occured...

Well, I was in Cali for a week. I went to the theme parks and all that good "vacation stuff". I also went to see a show at the "Chain Reaction" venue. I saw two of my favorite bands there... Yellowcard and The Stryder! In addition to those two, Junction 18 and Dynamite Boy played as well. The show wasnt bad, but I expected more.

I finally got off my ass and decided to take drivers ed. I am horrible driver...

I really can't remember the day, but I attended a local fair known as "Waterland" this week, that was okay. Only they didn't have the goldfish game!!!! I wanted to bring home a goldfish and name it Wildfins 4! Wildfins 3 needed a friend. But guess not... And the other bad thing was they did not have Skeeball!!

This is the worst journal entry ever.
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