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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I guess, its about time for an update...Its probably best for me and for the loyal readers of my journal... the whole 1 of you guys... thanks to that blind guy with a missing arm and ear, he allows me to force him read this garbage...

This week has been one of the most up and down, roller coaster weeks in recent memory. Its just has been all soo, odd - its has left me confused, yet happy.

I will get this out of the way first:


* I passed out on the Sunday paper earlier. I looked like a huge bum.
* I got dumped...I got DUMPED... no, need for a third time.
* My room is at an all-time high messiness level.
* I am sick.
* My Can't Slow Down Cd was scratched, I fixed it though.
* A damn bug bit me on the back of the neck.
* I write in a journal and I enjoy it!


* I passed out on the Sunday paper earlier. I looked like a huge bum.
* Its been an awesome summer...
* I am going to Cali in 4 days!
* I am developing a lot of new friendships...Its really rad. Some are already pretty strong...I hope they all grow.
* I found out some good Drivers Ed info, so I can finally Fuking take it!
* I learned HTML!!!!
* Oh yes, and while rummaging around my room floor,I looked in a a random pant's pocket and to the pleasure of my eyes I was holding a long lost $23. Yes, that inst much, however - I am poor.


* Well, simply thats me :)

This seems updated to me...
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