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Warped Tour!!!

Yesterday I attended the annual "punkfest" we have come to know as "Warped Tour". Although this year's lineup wasnt as popular or big as previous years, there were still a ton of bands worth seeing. Of these bands were:

AFI - One of the raddest live bands out there... A rockin set, incredible.

Good Charlotte - Surprisingly, these guys were pretty damn good live. Their lead singer stage dived and he was around my area... After he got back on stage I commented on how he was hot and I touched him... The teenie boppers laughed..

Fenix Tx - Decent set, I crowd surfed, fun, fun.

The Ataris - They use to be my favorite band - with good reason, for they put on a fanstasic show. Great music, great band. And I met the band afterwords which was just plain cool.

Rancid/Pennywise - These were the bands most came to see, there shows were both great. Circle pits!

Less than Jake - My second time seeing this band and this show was awesome, such crazy set. I moshed and all the good stuff till I developed a cramp, thats when I decided to surf my way outta there.

The Vandals - THe best show of the day - nuff' said.

Yeah... Warped was pretty damn rad, I look forward to it next summer.. Now, its time to count down till the Vagrant Across America Tour!!! Woohoo!
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