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Report Card

My Report Card:

Honors Comp - B, I got lucky... The teacher was pretty cool. Nice Peers. Enjoyed at times

Honors Science - B, I should have gotten an "A"!! The teacher was nice, the students were basically the same as in Honors Comp.

Health - A, Yep... I know my health. Just an Easy Class. Did my work, got my grade.

Math - C, Teacher is a drunk. Sucky Class, Sucky Teacher. The teacher had no order over the class. Sucked.

Japanese - F, ..... LAME!!! Getting kicked out didn't help out my grade much. Fun peers, but a hard class and the teacher was pretty awful too.

History - A, For the most part an easy class but a crazy class, Average teacher.

In the end, this school year was pretty damn crappy. Although sports and social life were both a little above average.
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