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Another Punk Kid's Journal

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Sunday, October 7th, 2001
12:44 pm - Homecoming..
I went to homecoming.

current mood: calm

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Saturday, September 8th, 2001
11:11 pm - updates for all!
Well, its been awhile... a long while since I have updated this lovely journal of mine. Today marks the first update in... 2 weeks, I believe.. So enjoy!

Summer ended!! - One of the sadder days in the past two weeks. I really cant remember what I did to mourn the summer's end, buts it alright... I think its better I dont.

School started - Oh what fun...schedule sucks, lunch sucks... school sucks.

Drivers ed - one test remains, 3 drives remain. Then I will be done!

Oh yes! Shows.. I went to a few shows in the past weeks..

Superchunk - Enjoyable stuff.
Pinehurst Kids - Decent Stuff
Cake - RADICAL stuff

This actually wasnt that enjoyable of an entry but least updated it.

current mood: cheerful

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Wednesday, August 22nd, 2001
12:33 am - I got a car and some cheez-its.
Well, lets get the important item out of the way first. I got 2 delicious boxes of cheez-its. Woo Hoo. I already ate a box though, it be months before we can afford another one.

And the other news, I got a car! I now own a dark blue, V6, 87' Acura - With C/D, A/C, power steering, ABS brakes,and this other stuff I dont care about. I drove it into some bushes once.

I want cheez-its. Bye bye.

current mood: excited

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Wednesday, August 8th, 2001
It was many months in the making, it was many months I waited. Surely the wait had to come to an end and it did, it ended as of 8pm yesterday. Save The Day would finally return to washington, packing Dashboard confessional with them.

This was it. All those countless hours I spent alone in my room singing and playing air guitar lead up to this. I would no longer be in my room singing alone, but in a larger, dirtier, more odor-filled room singing with 400 others.

Dashboard played their heartfelt and great show, which had me singing along with every song. Before I knew it, the set was coming to close. At first I was like "damn" - but then realized what would come up next was gonna be SAVES THE DAY!

Saves The Day. This was my favorite band playing no more then 12 feet away from me! Incredible. I was shouting the lyrics to every song, shouting as if someone could actually hear me over the other 400 voices. I dont really know what else to say, I just know this was the best set I have ever seen any band play. Just plain amazing and fantastic.

current mood: cheerful

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Friday, August 3rd, 2001
9:58 pm - One more month.
Thats right folks, my summer comes to a close in one short month. Up to this point, its been...er...decent...With this remaining month I am hoping to change that... maybe making this summer a wonderful summer, one which I can say I improved myself or even matured.

For the last, 15 years of my life I've been lacking good reading habits, that is starting to change. I've read two books in the last week and I am hoping to bring that number up to 10 or so before summer's close.

I just picked up the movie "Being John Malkovich"
I should watch that soon...

I havent really worked out at all since track season, so I am gonna have to start that stuff up again.


current mood: happy

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Tuesday, July 31st, 2001
1:31 pm - Driver's ed and other stuff
Drivers Ed - Yesterday was my first day of driver's ed. Its not all bad, sure it is real boring but I have a few acquaintances that keep me semi-entertained while destroying 2 hours of my life there. In related matters , I also got my learners permit today... I can go crusin' with my mommy in our minivan now.. woohoo.

I got a hair cut.. I dislike it, but I dislike a lot of things.

I got the new Jimmy Eat World CD, quite good. Actually really great. Love the stuff.

A lot of my buddies are on vacation.. sucks for me.

current mood: lazy

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Friday, July 27th, 2001
12:28 pm - UPDATE!!!!
Its been about two weeks since I have updated this journal, sure enough something had to have happened...I just can't seem to recall many of the events that occured...

Well, I was in Cali for a week. I went to the theme parks and all that good "vacation stuff". I also went to see a show at the "Chain Reaction" venue. I saw two of my favorite bands there... Yellowcard and The Stryder! In addition to those two, Junction 18 and Dynamite Boy played as well. The show wasnt bad, but I expected more.

I finally got off my ass and decided to take drivers ed. I am horrible driver...

I really can't remember the day, but I attended a local fair known as "Waterland" this week, that was okay. Only they didn't have the goldfish game!!!! I wanted to bring home a goldfish and name it Wildfins 4! Wildfins 3 needed a friend. But guess not... And the other bad thing was they did not have Skeeball!!

This is the worst journal entry ever.

current mood: mellow

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Thursday, July 12th, 2001
12:15 am - WHOA!!!!!!!


I am fuked tho....

current mood: ecstatic

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Monday, July 9th, 2001
12:20 am - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
I guess, its about time for an update...Its probably best for me and for the loyal readers of my journal... the whole 1 of you guys... thanks to that blind guy with a missing arm and ear, he allows me to force him read this garbage...

This week has been one of the most up and down, roller coaster weeks in recent memory. Its just has been all soo, odd - its has left me confused, yet happy.

I will get this out of the way first:


* I passed out on the Sunday paper earlier. I looked like a huge bum.
* I got dumped...I got DUMPED... no, need for a third time.
* My room is at an all-time high messiness level.
* I am sick.
* My Can't Slow Down Cd was scratched, I fixed it though.
* A damn bug bit me on the back of the neck.
* I write in a journal and I enjoy it!


* I passed out on the Sunday paper earlier. I looked like a huge bum.
* Its been an awesome summer...
* I am going to Cali in 4 days!
* I am developing a lot of new friendships...Its really rad. Some are already pretty strong...I hope they all grow.
* I found out some good Drivers Ed info, so I can finally Fuking take it!
* I learned HTML!!!!
* Oh yes, and while rummaging around my room floor,I looked in a a random pant's pocket and to the pleasure of my eyes I was holding a long lost $23. Yes, that inst much, however - I am poor.


* Well, simply thats me :)

This seems updated to me...

current mood: optimistic

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Wednesday, July 4th, 2001
10:28 am - Warped Tour!!!
Yesterday I attended the annual "punkfest" we have come to know as "Warped Tour". Although this year's lineup wasnt as popular or big as previous years, there were still a ton of bands worth seeing. Of these bands were:

AFI - One of the raddest live bands out there... A rockin set, incredible.

Good Charlotte - Surprisingly, these guys were pretty damn good live. Their lead singer stage dived and he was around my area... After he got back on stage I commented on how he was hot and I touched him... The teenie boppers laughed..

Fenix Tx - Decent set, I crowd surfed, fun, fun.

The Ataris - They use to be my favorite band - with good reason, for they put on a fanstasic show. Great music, great band. And I met the band afterwords which was just plain cool.

Rancid/Pennywise - These were the bands most came to see, there shows were both great. Circle pits!

Less than Jake - My second time seeing this band and this show was awesome, such crazy set. I moshed and all the good stuff till I developed a cramp, thats when I decided to surf my way outta there.

The Vandals - THe best show of the day - nuff' said.

Yeah... Warped was pretty damn rad, I look forward to it next summer.. Now, its time to count down till the Vagrant Across America Tour!!! Woohoo!

current mood: energetic

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Friday, June 29th, 2001
5:42 pm - Saves The Day
  • <ahref="http://www2.fanscape.com/savestheday/bannerrd.asp">
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    Tuesday, June 26th, 2001
    6:52 pm - Summer!!!!
    Well thats it, thats the end. My sophomore effort is over. The long wait for summer vacation to roll around is over. How great...

    To embrace this new summer, I went to a local lake, attended a small BBQ and went to the Family Fun Center. Every "celebration" was mediocre.

    The Lake: A turn out of about 30 people, nothing really happened.

    The small BBQ: Just a few guys.. we ate ribs... talked.

    Family Fun Center: I went with some really cool people, we played various games...Laughed... yeah...nothing new, but fun.


    You know your room is messy when people come over and you tell them not to step on the mounds of clothes on the ground because the clothing is clean... I hate my room. I HATE MY ROOM.

    current mood: cold

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    Saturday, June 23rd, 2001
    7:16 pm - Report Card
    My Report Card:

    Honors Comp - B, I got lucky... The teacher was pretty cool. Nice Peers. Enjoyed at times

    Honors Science - B, I should have gotten an "A"!! The teacher was nice, the students were basically the same as in Honors Comp.

    Health - A, Yep... I know my health. Just an Easy Class. Did my work, got my grade.

    Math - C, Teacher is a drunk. Sucky Class, Sucky Teacher. The teacher had no order over the class. Sucked.

    Japanese - F, ..... LAME!!! Getting kicked out didn't help out my grade much. Fun peers, but a hard class and the teacher was pretty awful too.

    History - A, For the most part an easy class but a crazy class, Average teacher.

    In the end, this school year was pretty damn crappy. Although sports and social life were both a little above average.

    current mood: okay

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    Tuesday, June 19th, 2001
    9:08 pm - Wow
    Everything is happening so quickly, I mean theres less than a week of school left! Theres only about 2 weeks till Warped Tour! Its coming so soon I am really not even excited yet.

    I feel pretty damn braindead, its that feeling after you have been watching TV for 49 hours straight...Only I havent been watching TV.. So I think my brain is leaving me... I should sell it before it is gone - make it my brainwhore.

    current mood: drained

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    Sunday, June 10th, 2001
    9:09 pm
    Hmmm... I haven't touched this journal for about a week, laziness got the best of me, I guess...Anyhow...

    11 days till the end of school!
    30 days till the new Saves The Day!
    32 days till I go to California.

    current mood: irritated

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    Sunday, June 3rd, 2001
    2:37 pm - Questions for you to answer, please.
    What is your....


    Favorite Smell?
    Favorite Taste?
    Favorite Sight?
    Favorite Thing to touch?
    Favorite Sound?

    Please leave me your answers as comments.
    Thank you.

    current mood: creative

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    Saturday, June 2nd, 2001
    11:20 pm - Mohawk
    I made a shampoo mohawk in the bath today... I proceeded to to a 15 second dance in front of the foggy mirror. Then I got back in the tub, and debated if the mohawk looked good or not.

    current mood: geeky

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    Wednesday, May 30th, 2001
    7:42 pm - World Class Chef.
    I burnt my microwavable pizza today. It was a sad moment in my life. Damn directions!!! Then I tried to make some Lucky Charms and milk, I spilled the milk. So I gave up on that project. I am still hungry, I guess I could go get another pizza out of my freezer, but if i burn that one as well(which is likely), I would feel like a total moron. Better not take any chances. I could order a pizza... Damn! I only have 36 cents, wait, 31 cents - that coin is canadian!! Maybe mom will cook me up something...

    People in my japanese class miss me. :)
    I need an idea for a health project, someone should help me! Please.

    Words of wisdom: Drugs do not give you the ability to fly, nor give you special powers to see through the opposite sex's clothing. However drugs will make you feel like you are flying and make you think you are seeing through the opposite sex's clothing.


    current mood: loved

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    Tuesday, May 29th, 2001
    8:51 pm - Kicked outta school!!!
    Well not a school, but a class. After months of doing nothing, I finally got kicked out of my japanese class. That is kinda lame. I need to get a credit somehow. I don't want to be one of those crack head kids who attend school with no supplies, lacking like 40 credits, asking for paper only so they can roll up their weed. Oh fuk those kids. I figure out something, I talk my way into a free credit. I always win at these things.

    I am bored.
    Modest Mouse rocks.
    I gave my 3-year-old brother a sex talk. He got bored and hit me with a bat.

    current mood: optimistic

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    Monday, May 28th, 2001
    5:52 pm - A Sailor Man
    *Popeye the sailor man*

    Hes popeye the sailor man
    He lives in a garbage can
    He turned on the heater,
    and blew off his weener
    hes popeye the sailor man.

    current mood: happy

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