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It was many months in the making, it was many months I waited. Surely the wait had to come to an end and it did, it ended as of 8pm yesterday. Save The Day would finally return to washington, packing Dashboard confessional with them.

This was it. All those countless hours I spent alone in my room singing and playing air guitar lead up to this. I would no longer be in my room singing alone, but in a larger, dirtier, more odor-filled room singing with 400 others.

Dashboard played their heartfelt and great show, which had me singing along with every song. Before I knew it, the set was coming to close. At first I was like "damn" - but then realized what would come up next was gonna be SAVES THE DAY!

Saves The Day. This was my favorite band playing no more then 12 feet away from me! Incredible. I was shouting the lyrics to every song, shouting as if someone could actually hear me over the other 400 voices. I dont really know what else to say, I just know this was the best set I have ever seen any band play. Just plain amazing and fantastic.
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Dude , I know how you feel, I saw Saves the DAy back in July, by far the best show ive like ever been to. Ive seen Dashboard about 5 times, but its always in smaller places than were I saw Saves the day, so it didnt seem as good. probably the best part, is that a week later, when you listen to any Saves the Day song, you can just like sit down and imagine you're still at the show....hmm well i think this comment is long enouhg...peace and love
I wanna see Saves the Day! *pouts* no, really.. i would love to go see them, but doubt i'll ever have the chance. That bites.

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